• Lower power consumption. Electricity-commutated (EC) fans with extra-large fan performance of the latest generation are installed in RECU air handling units. This enables to consume less power at the desired parameters in comparison with the previous models.
  • Reliable and efficient energy recovery. Only the best manufacturers’ heat exchangers are used in these air handling units which are being tested in laboratories in accordance with the EN 308 and EN 305 standards. Estimated parameters of the equipment technical data corresponds to the real operating environment data.
  • High Specific Fan Power category. The compact air filters with the larger filtration area, fans of new generation, new heat exchangers - all that help to achieve extremely high specific fan power category (SFP – 0,75 kW/(m³/s) per fan) easily.
  • High protection from moisture. The new generation air handling units’ design ensures the protection from external moisture – that is why all external components’ electrical connections are placed inside the equipment, also helping to maintain the high IP class.
  • High quality equipment. Air handling units are designed and manufactured in accordance with RLT 01, VDI 6022 requirements and international EN 1886, EN13053, EN 779 standards.