KOMFOVENT products in exclusive projects
Only few days left until the grand opening of "Ikea" in Vilnius. It's going to be the first "Ikea" center in Lithuania and within all Baltic States. Guess what an air will breath staff and visitors of the center! You're absolutely right – air supplied by Komfovent: 7 KLASIK and 4 VERSO units within 252 000 m³/h air supply in total has been installed in the new "Ikea". Don't mention countless components of the whole ventilation system.

We are proud to take part ensuring a secure and confident environment at Winter Olympic Games 2014. Over 1500 Komfovent fire dampers were installed at the Olympic tourism and sport center "Gorki Gorod" in Sochi and over 10 000 more of them found their destination at the hotel complex for the highest level guests in the Olympic town. So we have already done our Olympic run. Good luck to sportsmen!