New C3.1 control panel

From October, 2015 all KOMPAKT units with C3 controller will be offered with new C3.1 control panel. The design of the panel is the same as C5.1 and has been already approved by our customers. So now we are presenting this modern panel also for KOMPAKT RECU and OTK units with C3 automatic control.

The interface of modern C3.1 control panel is designed to be user friendly – easy navigation enables smart control, setting of parameters and monitoring unit operation.

You do not need to additionally order summer night cooling and OVR functions – they can be activated in control panel on demand. You can view all C3 controller’s functions here.

The new C3.1 panel will be offered as an option, the standard C3 panel will be available as well. The type of panel C3.1 or C3 should be specified while ordering the unit.

    Benefits of C3.1 control panel:
  • smart control;
  • easy monitoring;
  • customized screen saver: up to 3 parameters can be displayed, when unit is in a stand-by mode;
  • colored touch-sensitive LED display;
  • integrated thermometer and hygrometer;
  • extremely thin – only 12,5 mm;
  • 3 ways of fixing the panel are possible depending on a user‘s demands: recessed or surface mounted, as well as on the unit‘s casing due to the integrated magnets in the panel.

Note: To control unit via internet it is essential to order PING 2 network module.