Preserve healthy indoor microclimate with C4.1 control panel

We are happy to present brand new C4.1 control panel for Domekt units. Smart control, ventilation control according to user needs, monitoring of indoor microclimate - C4.1 panel contains all these features. The new control panel is available since December, 2015.

    Benefits of C4.1 control panel:
  • elegant design - the panel will decently fit in various interiors;
  • the user could choose the most convenient place to mount the panel: fix it on the wall or on the unit;
  • integrated thermometer and hygrometer for monitoring indoor microclimate;
  • main settings are easily accessible from main panel window;
  • 3 different modes and weekly operating schedule enables the user to adjust ventilation according to his needs.

The new C4.1 panel will be offered as an option, the standard C4 panel will be available as well. The type of panel C4.1 or C4 should be specified while ordering the unit.

It is worth mentioning that we have also redesigned the mobile application "Komfovent Home" and now it matches the interfaces of C4.1 control panel. This feature is applicable for all control possibilities. So the user may control the unit in the most convenient way! The new application is available on Google Play.

Note: To control unit via internet it is essential to order PING 2 network module.