Projects in Finland
KOMFOVENT air handling units have contributed to the energy efficient development in Finland thanks to our main distributor, company MKM-Trade Oy.
Eco-wooden apartments in Helsinki have welcomed quite a large amount of our DOMEKT type units to provide fresh air with energy efficient solutions. People will not only enjoy the Baltic Sea nearby but also feel comfortable in their apartments with ensured healthy microclimate.

Another significant movement appeared to happen in Espoo city, where a KLASIK type air handling unit with plate heat exchanger was mounted in a residential premise with a built-in geothermal heating, refreshing lots of flats with energy saving ventilation.

Kuopio, a ninth biggest city in Finland, located in the region of Northern Savonia, is getting ready for a grand opening of 90 boutiques in a large shopping center “Kauppakeskus Matkus” in autumn, 2012. Extremely quietly operating KLASIK type units of an air flow of 48600m³/h and similar are being placed and mounted to ventilate an area of 55000m². Totally 16 big “tailor made” air handling units with rotary and plate exchangers, as well as supply units, will not only provide a fresh air to thousands of every day shops’ visitors and employees but also save lots of energy.