The Titans' Tandem: New VERSO and C5

    New and more universal VERSO
  • Now installing units is even easier
  • More durable and tight casing
  • More efficient motors and fans
  • Improved anti-vibration qualities
  • Fulfilled higher safety and hygiene requirements

    C5 – controller of the new generation
  • Extended control possibilities
  • Detailed information to the user
  • New operating modes
  • Additional temperature control options
  • New safety features

Komfovent research & development engineers and constructors are continuously improving air handling units, their parts and components as well as creating new assembling and control features. The latest technical solutions are already implemented in VERSO units. Changes are evident in the design of units, casing elements, fans and motors, usage safety, and hygiene. From now on VERSO units are manufactured faster; they are easier to access, control and enjoy their comfort.

The new VERSO has a dedicated brand new controller – the C5. It is a new generation control device and a brand new control solution. It is a combination of innovative control technologies and the functionality of Komfovent air handling units. The new C5 has saved and optimized best features of the C3 and made them easier to use. Contemporary design and user-friendly interface of C5 now offers the best way to use VERSO units.

Find out more about new VERSO and C5 here.