Triple the lifetime of the heat exchanger

In order to ensure the durability of air handling units, operating in the aggressive environment, we are using Blygold technology for heat exchangers coating.

Causes of corrosion

    Corrosion can occur everywhere and anywhere, specially in aggressive environment:
  • Industrial (carbon, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, etc.).
  • Marine (salty air, acid rain, automobile emissions, etc.).
  • Urban (automobile emissions, nitrogen, fertilizers, etc.).

The only place where corrosion will not occur is in a vacuum. Corrosion and pollution have an enormous influence on the efficiency of ventilation systems.
Corrosion deteriorates the heat transfer among copper tubes, oxidized aluminium fins and air flows, thus the efficiency of the heat exchanger decreases significantly. Heat exchangers are subject to severe corrosion because of their construction, which usually combines incompatible metals and because of the volume of polluted air passing through them.

Outcomes of Corrosion

  • Efficiency loss. Corrosion deteriorates the heat transfer among copper tubes, oxidized aluminium fins and air flows, thus the efficiency of the heat exchanger decreases significantly.
  • Reduced lifetime.
  • Increased maintenance requirement.
  • Increased risk for leakages.


The surface coating of the heat exchanger prevents it from corrosion and ensures 2-3 times longer performance without decreasing efficiency of a heat exchanger.
Investment in a quality corrosion-resistant coating is usually less costly than unit or coil replacement, inefficient unit operation, constant unit maintenance, discomfort or lost production costs. The savings gained is found in extended structure or equipment life, lower maintenance costs, better operating efficiency and reduced service expenses.

Blygold – the global leader in the market

Blygold is a well-known name in the HVAC market, since the company has been offering anti-corrosive method of coating for almost 40 years. Founded in The Netherlands in 1976, it has more than 40 representatives worldwide.

Being in the market for more than three decades, Blygold has gained knowledge and experience in HVAC industry. The Blygod coating technology was developed through decades and it is associated with quality and reliability.
The main focus is to provide a long lasting protection to heat exhangers, without affecting heat transfer and pressure drop

The Blygold PoluAl XT coating

The Blygold PoluAl XT protective coating is the latest development from the Blygold R&D department. This goldcolored polyurethane coating has new important features that make the treatment easier and faster. PoluAl XT can be applied directly to the copper and aluminium and therefore expensive pre-treatments are no longer needed. The heat conductive pigmentation in the coating is oriented in the 3-dimensional coating structure so that it creates a very high chemical resistance at a lower layer thickness. Coatings on heat exchangers should not exceed a thickness of more than 25 micron or 1 mil to prevent an unnecessary increase of pressure drop and thermal resistance.
The exchangers of all sizes can be coated. Not only the surface is covered with anti-corrosive protection, but also 100-130 mm in depth are coated.
Special antimicrobial coating can be applied to heat exchangers' surfaces, that operate in hygienically sensitive environments. This method of coating contains an antimicrobial agent, which limits the growth of microbes on coated surfaces.

Please note all methods of coating are ordered additionally.