Automatic control system C5
for VERSO, RHP and KLASIK units

Ability to assess current working parameters is important, therefore C5 displays most important parameters such as:

• Air flow indication (m3/h, m3/s, l/s)
• Thermal efficiency of the heat exchanger (%)
• Heat exchanger energy recovery (kW)
• Thermal energy savings indicator (%)
• Air heater energy consumption (kWh)
• Heat exchanger recovered energy counter (kWh)
• Fans energy consumption (kWh)
• SFP factor of the fans
• Clogging level of filters (%)

Various operating modes are available with C5 controller

• 5 different operation modes: Comfort1, Comfort2, Economy1, Economy2, and Special. User may set supply and extract air volumes as well as air temperature for each of mode separately.
• Temperature control modes: Supply air / Extract air / Room / Balance. Possibility to select which temperature to maintain.
• Flow control modes: Constant Air Volume (CAV), Variable Air Volume (VAV), Directly Controlled Volume (DCV).
• Universal operating schedule with up to 20 events, for which of them user can assign weekday(s) and one of five operating modes.
• Holliday scheduling allows the user to change operating mode or switch off the air handing unit at some dates of the year. Up to 10 events are possible.

Extended control possibilities

• Controlling up to 30 units connected into a network from one panel.
• Ability to connect the controller to the Internet network and manage it via a standard internet browser without any accessories.
• Possibility to control air handling unit by Smartphone via Android OS or iOS application software.
• Ability to control the unit not only by a control panel or a computer, but also by different external devices (switch, timer, etc.) and systems (e.g. the smart house system).

Connectivity & Protocols

• Modbus RTU over RS-485
• Modbus TCP over Ethernet
• BACnet/IP over Ethernet

Control options

C5.1 control panel

• Modern design
• Extremely thin – only 12,5 mm
• Coloured touch-sensitive LED display
• Smart control
• Integrated thermometer and hygrometer
• Customized screen saver: up to 3 parameters can be displayed, when unit is in a stand-by mode
• 3 ways of fixing the panel

KOMFOVENT application

• Intuitive control;
• Indication of AHU parameters;
• Ventilation control and adjusting;
• Energy saving monitoring.

Integrated web server

Remote control