Automatic control system C6
for DOMEKT units

Simple and comfortable experience

Our intelligent automation allows you to control your air handling unit with ease. Or you may choose to leave everything to it and enjoy comfort and energy savings. C6 controller offers you both!

For both: beginners and advanced users

Core philosophy behind the design of C6 was so the ventilation unit would operate properly without constant adjustments from the user. Different ventilation modes are optimized for user’s daily needs. Automatic air quality control selects the most appropriate mode and ensures the comfort conditions in the room. C6 allows you to control all the parameters available to control.

What can C6 offer you?

Know how much you save

We think that you should not second guess how much energy your air handling unit consumes and how much energy it saves you! With C6 you can see it for yourself.

Why waste energy when you are not at home?

C6 offers universal operating schedule with up to 20 events, for which of them user can assign weekday(s) and various operating modes.
While you are on holiday you should not worry about air quality when you return. Holliday scheduling allows the user to set the holiday dates for period when he is away. Then the unit will not operate for most of the time, but ventilate the premises occasionally. Not only will you have fresh upon return.

Free cooling!

When the room temperature air exceeds the set value, and the outdoor temperature is lower than the room temperature, the heat recovery and the other heating/cooling processes is blocked automatically and freecooling are performed only by fans.

While others offer on-off control, C6 offers much more

The temperature saving function attempts to maintain comfortable temperature conditions in the premises by reducing the ventilation intensity, i.e. it prevents excessive cooling down or overheating of the premises.

Select the panel which suits you most

C6.1 control panel

• Colored touch-sensitive LED display
• Indication of parameters
• Setting of all parameters from the panel

C6.2 control panel

• Modern panel with touch buttons
• Factory preset parameters
• Smart and easy control

Remote control

“KOMFOVENT Control” app

For those who want to see a bigger picture – smartphone applications are specially developed to control your air handling unit from phone or tablet. If you find those screens too small – with C6 integrated server you are one mouse click away from having all the data on you PC.

If your home is a „smart“ one, C6 controller offers you ability to connect to BMS (ModBus, BACnet).