Customer oriented air handling units. Unique solutions according to the features of the project. Available with C5 control system.

Units capacity 1 000 – 100 000 m³/h.

  • 14 sizes of complex modular and single case (monoblock) units

  • The units selection software designed for professionals

  • Selection of desired heat exchanger, fan, heater/cooler

  • Corresponding to high hygienic requirements


Wide selection of complex modular and single case (monoblock) units. Many configurations available as well.

Eurovent, TUV and RLT certificates ensure the reliability of technical data.

“Plug & Play” – all units are assembled and tested at the factory.

Energy saving components such as rotary and crossflow plate heat exchangers, Ultra and Super Premium fan motors.

Selection software

KLASIK air handling unit selection software is designed for professionals and offers vast unit selection possibilities. Software allows to design complex modular and single case (monoblock) units ranging from 1 000 to 100 000 m³/h. Units can be design with rotary or cross flow heat exchanger, several heating and cooling sections, adiabatic or isothermal humidification, and more.

Advanced control

The user can monitor the processes of the ventilation units, set parameters and choose the desired functions not only on the control panel, but also via the mobile device or by connecting to the webserver.

All operating parameters are easily adjusted

Detailed mapping of the parameters

Integrated webserver