KOMFOVENT brand unites a group of 12 companies, operating in Lithuania and other European countries employing over 700 people who develop air ventilation systems products, produce and present them in the market. In particular, it is a large assortment of efficient air handling units. KOMFOVENT also manufactures other components for ventilation systems – from air ducts to VAV (Variable Air Volume) dampers. KOMFOVENT products not only guarantee the comfort of people by supplying fresh air to the premises, but also help to ensure safety in case of fire – reliable fire and smoke dampers, smoke ducts and other accessories produced by the company.

Our Vision

Our Goal is to improve our products and processes continuously, build excellent relationships with our customers, exceeding their expectations and maintain the culture of continuous innovations in the company. To grow constantly while offering to the market innovative product lines and meet the ever-changing needs of both clients and partners.


Investing in the latest technology allows to offer to the market a wide range of products – equipment for large industrial enterprises and production facilities, offices, cafes, hotels, as well as for individual customer apartments and homes.

The manufacturing of ventilation equipment, ventilation components & ductwork systems is developed in 3 factories in Lithuania, Latvia and Russia. The sales are carried out from Lithuania and 8 representative offices in major European cities and Russia. Distribution of sales is supported by more than 80 authorized distributors working on the international market.

The quality of the products, innovations & professionalism of the employees helped KOMFOVENT to establish itself on the international markets: more than 75% of manufactured goods are exported to more than 30 countries worldwide. Long-term and friendly relations is a KOMFOVENT priority – cooperation with some companies lasts more than 20 years e.g. throughout the full history of the company.

Quality and environmental obligations


Our company has a quality management system that meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001, which helps to optimize the processes of the company’s operations, allows to quickly respond to changes and helps to maintain the high quality of the manufactured equipment.

We understand quality as meeting the needs and expectations of our customers by listening to their wishes, offering the best technological solutions, improving the quality management and process management systems efficiency, introducing new advanced production technologies, deepening professional knowledge. Find out more ››


Our company has implemented the environmental management system, which meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001. The certificate confirms that company’s activity is environmentally friendly.

We undertake to carry out activities in compliance with environmental laws, improve operational processes and production technologies, ensure the lowest pollution of the atmosphere, conserve non-renewable natural resources, develop the responsibility of the employees of the company, use natural and energy resources rationally and economically, reduce atmospheric air pollution. Find out more ››


In 2013, LEAN and 5S quality management systems have been introduced, aimed at creating a greater value for the customer by using smaller resources and increasing our competitive advantage in the market.

Reliable production

The company’s factories produce more than 20,000 pcs of ventilation units every year. The company’s equipment range consists of 4 groups – DOMEKT, VERSO, RHP, KLASIK. More than sixty standardized models in total. Along with them there is a very wide selection of unique models, which are selected and constructed according to individual needs.



We are the members of the German Association of Hermetic Equipment Manufacturers (Herstellerverband RLT-Geräte). This important assessment helps to contribute to the development of future-oriented, health-saving and energy-efficient ventilation equipment.

Eurovent Certificate

The EUROVENT certificate assigned to KOMFOVENT VERSO ventilation units shows that the company is designing and manufacturing quality equipment that meets the international standards. Customers can choose the device precisely by using our special software for VU selection.


KOMFOVENT ventilation equipment is manufactured in accordance with EN 1886, EN 13053, EN 305, EN 308 standards approved by the TÜV laboratory.


The certificate proves that KOMFOVENT devices have low energy consumption (save energy).