RHP operation principle

Two stage heat recovery System:

• Stage 1 – enthalpy rotary heat exchanger

• Stage 2 – reversible heat pump

Heating mode in Winter

The rotary heat exchanger not only heats the supplied air, utilizing the energy from the exhaust air, but also regenerates a part of humidity and humidifies supplied fresh air. The heat pump works in the winter as the second stage of heat recovery, heating air to required temperature.

Cooling mode in Summer

Rotary heat exchanger saves cool and eliminates excess moisture. In the summer RHP acts as an air conditioner – cooling the supplied air to the required temperature.

Optimal performance

If we want to provide a comfortable environment in the premises, it is necessary to control a large number of air parameters: temperature, humidity, purity and CO2 concentration. Typically, this is achieved with several independent systems – heating, air conditioning, ventilation, air humidification and air purification systems. Such solution has few disadvantages: a large initial investment, complicated and expensive operation, high probability of failures, incorrect settings. The KOMFOVENT RHP unit performs all indoor microclimate functions – “5in1”! it ventilates the rooms, supplies clean and fresh air from the outside, warms or cools it according to the needs. The humidity control eliminates excess humidity during the summer, or humidifies the air in winter, when it is too dry. The processes are controlled by intelligent automation, which makes the device extremely economical and requires minimal attention.

Healthy microclimate

While using RHP cooling mode, instead of the usual air conditioner, attention should be paid to the weather conditions outside. RHP is ideally suited for average climate zone. The RHP maintains a healthy environment (air is not dried, is not used repeatedly, does not re-occur in a “circle”, but it is supplied from the outside and additionally filtered). Efficient air filters remove the dust, small particulates and microorganisms from the supplied air, so the home will always have fresh and clean air. Due to the specific functioning of the RHP system, the humidity is reduced during the summer and maintained during the winter. Over all it ensures the highest level of comfort and a healthy environment. At the same time maintaining low operating costs.

“Plug & Play”

RHP is one multifunctional device that occupies a relatively small space. It is easy to install and use, easy to manage and maintain in comparison with few separate (non-interconnected) heating, cooling and ventilation systems. The device is completely ready for operation – just “Plug & Play”. All components are installed, matched and tested at the factory.

Smart Automation

Thanks to integrated automation RHP is extremely energy efficient. Such efficiency is achieved due to intelligent control algorithms, extensive control and monitoring capabilities (devices can be monitored online, managed by a computer or smartphone).