Sizes of RHP PRO units

Advantages of RHP Pro units

PLUG & PLAY control system C5

Benefits: real air flow indication; thermal efficiency of the rotary heat exchanger indication; heat exchanger recovery in kW; thermal energy saving factor, SFP factor of the fans and many other important information about functioning of the unit.


Sorption rotary heat exchanger

In RHP units are used sorption rotary regenerators with special 4Å zeolite coating, which because of its hygroscopic selective properties ensures good heat and humidity exchange, so the RHP units maintain an optimum indoor climate with minimal energy consumption.


Inverter compressors

Inverter compressors are used for accurately regulating and maintaining supply air temperature, they are energy-efficient and silent.

PM / EC fan motors

In RHP PRO units are used the most efficient in the market PM (permanent magnet) and EC (electronically commutated) fan motors conforming Ultra Premium IE5 or Super Premium IE4 efficiency class.


Air filters

All units are equipped with a large surface area air filters with low pressure loss, it saves energy, replacement can be less often.


Electronic expansion valve

For power adjustment of the integrated heat pump are using an electronic EEV (electronic expansion valve), which ensures a stable supply air temperature and allows a wide range of regulation of device performance and heating / cooling capacity.