VERSO Standard

VERSO Standard – standardized air handling units with integrated C5 control system.

Units capacity 1 000 – 8 000 m³/h.


VERSO Pro – specifically tailored to meet your requirements. This series offers large number of configurations and integrated C5 control system.

Units capacity 1 000 – 40 000 m³/h.

VERSO Standard

  • Vertical, horizontal, flat or universal application
  • Compact design
  • Models for REVIT software


  • 10 basic sizes for various combinations
  • Professionally convenient software
  • Selection of desired heat exchanger, fan, heater/cooler
  • Models for REVIT software

Efficient energy savings

High efficiency heat exchangers

  • Non-freezing condensing and hygroscopic heat exchangers
  • High temperature efficiency counterflow plate heat exchangers

Super efficient fan motors

  • Ultra Premium IE5 class PM fan motors
  • Super Premium IE4 class EC fan motors

C5 energy saving functions

  • Schedule based ventilation
  • Variable air volume ventilation
  • Air quality control

The selection software

Professional and convenient units selection with Eurovent certifed software. The report contains all details according to Eurovent, RLT and Ecodesign

KOMFOVENT HUB – digital drawings library for REVIT users

Digital drawings of VERSO Standard units can be imported to REVIT using KOMFOVENT HUB library or by downloading the drawing from the KOMFOVENT webpage.

Advanced control

C5 controller was specifically designed to control air handling units in order to maximize energy savings. C5 fulfills all of the user needs and offers useful features and smart algorithms which significantly reduce operating costs. With C5 it is possible to control air handling unit via control panel, PC, tablet or smart phone. Controller also offers BMS connectivity via ModBus and Bacnet protocols.

Unique versatility

  • Space saving – unit‘s are characterised by small footprint
  • Optimal duct connection – better aerodynamic characteristics of the system
  • Lower energy consumption and operating costs
  • Possibility to change unit‘s duct connections on site
  • Facilitates and simplifies design and installation
  • Heater & cooler – in one

„3+1“ – heat exchanger anti-frost prevention

  • Significantly improved seasonal efficiency of counterflow heat exchangers
  • Reduced heater capacity
  • Lower fluctuations in the supply air temperature