A wide range of VAV dampers produced by KOMFOVENT



Where are the VAV (variable air volume) dampers used?

VAV (variable air volume) dampers are used in variable air volume ventilation systems. The premises are ventilated where needed, when it is needed and for as long as needed, e.g. the airflow (air volume) is varied according to the needs and adapted to the corresponding situation.

The advantages of VAV systems:

  • lower energy consumption,
  • the resource of the device nodes increases or less deterioration,
  • fan noise reduction,
  • possibility to integrate into the building Management System (BMS),
  • аir filters need to be replaced less frequently.

Energy saving and energy efficiency are one of the most relevant topics of today. The device that operates according to the needs of the user guarantees air quality and comfort, but, at the same time, the optimum energy consumption and even savings.

Ventilation intensity in a room or a zone can be controlled by different sensor signals, depending on the situation: CO2, temperature, relative humidity, pressure, VOC, etc. The sensor sends a signal to the controller that controls the VAV damper. The air handling unit automation controls the overall performance depending on the position of blades and total throughput of the VAV air damper.


Types and sizes of VAV dampers

The KOMFOVENT, SIA production plant in Riga (Latvia), offers a wide range of VAV dampers shapes and sizes. There are two types of VAV dampers:

  • Circular VAV dampers KOS-C. Dimensions: Ø100-630 mm.
  • Rectangular VAV dampers KOS-R. Dimensions: 200×100 to 1000×1000 mm, the size of the “step” is 100 mm.

Main advantages of KOMFOVENT VAV dampers:

  • high measuring accuracy of the airflow due to the special design of Pitot tubes;
  • product reliability and construction solidity;
  • energy saving;
  • simple and quick installation;
  • wide range of different sizes and shapes.



Features of VAV valves manufactured by KOMFOVENT, SIA

The uniqueness of the circular VAV dampers produced by KOMFOVENT, SIA is that their production is a modern and fully automated technological process, which uses only the measuring elements of the highest quality. The results of the tests confirmed that the rectangular Pitot tubes used in the production process are more accurate, especially at lower air flows. The lowest recommended flow rate is 0,8 m/s. The high accuracy of the dampers can provide measurement deviation that does not exceed 10%.

All air flow measurement elements – measuring hoses and fittings are robust and stable, they do not move during assembly, do not budge, i.e. ensure the quality of air flow measurement when the damper is installed.

All KOMFOVENT variable air volume (VAV) valves, both KOS-C and KOS-R, are made of galvanized steel. For objects with specific hygiene requirements (medical institutions, medical or chemical industry), the dampers can be made of stainless steel. Dampers tightness class 3 according to EN 1751. Leakage class C according to EN 1751.

All dampers controllers are pre-set in the factory. Dampers can be supplied with actuators that are operated using analogue signal, MP-bus, Modbus, BacNet and KNX communication protocols. The flow regulation can be controlled via the separate controller or BMS (Building Management System) system.