Domekt CF 150 F – ventilation unit for apartments


The novelty we presented to market this autumn – ventilation unit Domekt CF 150 F dedicated for private apartments up to 100 m². The air handling unit is very compact, low height – only 294 mm, lightweight. Maximum airflow 157 m3/h. The unit has the highest energy class A + and is therefore ideally suited for contemporary energy efficient buildings. Find out more technical information here ››

The lightweight EPP (extruded polypropylene) housing is equipped with a CF (counterflow plate) heat exchanger with additional electric heaters for continuous operation even in extreme cold conditions. Available with both  condensation and enthalpic plate heat exchanger. Modern technical solutions implemented in the unit: PTC heaters do not overheat the air and provide a higher level of indoor comfort.

Due to its low weight – only 29 kg, the unit can be installed very quickly and easily. The metal parts supplied with the unit make the installation easier, even one person can do the job.

The service and filter replacement are more convenient than ever before – there is no need to remove the unit cover, as it has special openings for quick filter replacement.

The updated C6 controller offers even more possibilities. It has more accurate temperature control, airflow is measured in real time. All temperature sensors are integrated inside the unit at the factory, which simplifies installation on site. Different ventilation modes are available to suit everyday needs. Applying a schedule program can reduce energy costs for ventilation more than twice.