Domekt CF 200 F C8 silent, effective and perfect fit for tight premises


This time a double novelty: Domekt CF 200 F flat residential ventilation unit was designed for compact living spaces and is our first unit with integrated control system C8. The new unit will be available in the selection software on April 19th.
Here are the main properties of the Domekt CF 200 F:

  • Optimal performance for small premises. The capacity of the unit is 186 m3/h – it is suitable for apartments, lofts and cottages with a total area up to 100 m2.
  • High efficiency. Ventilation unit high efficiency and A+ energy class is achieved by using low energy components: thermal efficiency of the counter flow heat exchanger reaches 88 %, power of the fans is only 41 W and power of the electrical heater is 0,5 kW.
  • Compact and lightweight. The height of the ventilation unit is 294 mm, so it fits easily above a suspended ceiling and even in the closet or wardrobe. The casing of the unit is made of Expanded Polypropylene (EPP), so lightweight of only 28 kg makes installation even simpler.

  • Convenient filter replacement. One of the construction design targets was to simplify filter replacement and make it possible to do without removing the front panel. For that purpose special openings and covers were designed, so now filter replacement is fast and convenient.
  • Silent operation. The ventilation unit emits sounds that are not any louder than a whisper – the noise level is only 31 dB(A) at a 3 m distance.
  • Simple control. A new C8 control system is integrated into the unit. All main functions for air comfort are ensured: pre-programmed ventilation modes and weekly schedules, automatic air-quality control, air temperature maintenance and operation counters. All operation settings are easily accessible via integrated web server using control panel, “Komfovent Control” smartphone application or computer.