Domekt R 450 V upgraded, second-generation ventilation unit


One of the popular ventilation units Domekt R 450 V now more appealing thanks to several improvements, technological and design upgrades. The upgraded unit will be available in the selection program from the 5th of October. It will replace the current model.
Please get yourself acquainted with the new model and its main advantages:

Domekt R 450 V
Domekt R 450 V
  SPI 0,27 0,44
  Energy class A+ A
  Max. performance 491 m³/h/100 Pa 472 m³/h/100 Pa
  Dimensions, mm 585x655x680 535x615x680
  Rotor speed control variable constant
  Air ducts plastic steel
  Locks and handles 2in1 separate
  Aerodynamic shape sensors
  Controller C6M C6


Better tightness, less thermal bridges – improved efficiency

New casing design. New locks and handles ease the opening and reduce thermal bridges.
Plastic air ducts ensure better tightness.


Variable rotor speed control for silent operation

✔ 0..10V variable rotary heat exchanger speed control.
✔ Slower heat exchanger rotation results in less wear of the rotor components and reduced energy costs.
✔ Longevity of the rotary heat exchanger.
✔ More accurate supply air temperature maintenance during the transition period.

More precise control due to accurate measurements

✔ Aerodynamic shape sensors for better airflow measurement.
✔ All temperature sensors are integrated into the unit making installation and maintenance easier.
✔ An improved, more stable sensor mounting position helps to avoid temperature and flow measurement fluctuations under the high airflows and vibrations.

Next generation C6M controller

✔ Improved Real-Time CAV with increased airflow measurement accuracy.
✔ More accurate maintenance of the desired temperature.
✔ Reduced power consumption.
✔ Fast and secure network connection.

“KOMFOVENT Control” app