Enthalpy heat exchanger for the high level of indoor comfort


The KOMFOVENT Domekt CF air handling units are manufactured not only with standard counterflow heat exchangers, but also with enthalpy plate counterflow heat exchangers. This type of heat exchangers saves heat and coolness and controls the humidity of the supplied air – it is moistened in winter and it is dehumidified in summer.

We offer a choice of 7 DOMEKT CF sizes with a flow rate of 50 to 700 m3/h. Technical information is available in the DOMEKT selection program.


Features of enthalpy heat exchanger

KOMFOVENT engineers are constantly concerned with ventilation market innovations and introduce them into products. The enthalpy heat exchangers are not the exception, as they were chosen for Domekt CF units. The patented enthalpy heat exchanger membrane can be considered as innovation and invention of the 21st century.

Here are some of the most important features and advantages of enthalpy heat exchangers:

  • Better indoor microclimate. The chart provided below shows that when the room temperature is 20–24°C, the enthalpy heat exchanger maintains the optimal humidity, compared to the standard counterflow heat exchanger which dries the air too much.

  • Energy saving. As mentioned above, in the winter time the sufficient humidity is maintained in the premises, and during the summer, the enthalpy heat exchanger does not allow excessive moisture to enter the premises, thus saving the coolness and reducing the cost of air conditioning.

  • Patented membrane. Enthalpy heat exchanger made from a special membrane achieves not only the best thermal and moisture regeneration results, but is also hygienic and durable. The special patented membrane transfers moisture from the exhaust air to the air supplied. No dirt or bacteria can pass through the membrane.
  • A lower possibility of heat exchanger freezing. The enthalpy counterflow heat exchanger can operate without freezing down to -15°C. The ordinary plate heat exchangers start icing when the outside air temperature falls below -4°C.