Extended range of air handling units now available with variable rotor speed control


KOMFOVENT continues the development of its products and is proud of another important accomplishment. With the introduction of two new DR-200 and DR-700 rotor motor control boards, variable speed rotary heat exchangers are now included in the wide range of KOMFOVENT air handling units for domestic and commercial applications.

  • DR-200 rotor motor control board is available in RHP 400 and RHP 600.
  • DR-700 rotor motor control board is available in all Verso R 1000-4000 units and in RHP 800-1500 units.

This solution brings several advantages for more fluent air handling unit operation and long life.

  • The soft start of the rotor motor eliminates the typical starting noise of the ON/OFF type heat exchanger wheel, so the AHUs become more silent.
  • Slower rotor rotation, when full heat recovery is not necessary, results in less wear of the rotor components and reduced energy costs.
  • More accurate supply air temperature maintenance if compared to ON/OFF type heat exchangers.
  • Modbus control of the DR-200 and DR-700 boards enables real-time feedback from rotor motor and related components, which leads to faster failure detection and easier troubleshooting.

Consequently, KOMFOVENT air handling units become even more silent, energy-saving, precise, and durable.