General recommendations concerning COVID-19 and ventilation systems


KOMFOVENT is constantly monitoring the situation about the COVID-19. The health and safety of customers, partners, equipment users and employees remain the company’s main priority and we are working to reduce any related risks.
In order to take care of the health of our customers and equipment users in the event of a virus outbreak, we publish a list of recommendations on how to maintain ventilation equipment during the quarantine period.
Below are some simple recommendations, how tweaking ventilation system, may help to minimize COVID-19 virus spread, being it in residential, public, commercial or industrial premises.

  • Increase ventilation intensity to exchange air in the premises faster. In that way, more viruses will be thrown out of the building and more fresh air supplied. It is important even during the night when buildings are empty and outdoor air is cleaner (less traffic or industry pollution). If possible, keep ventilation running without interruptions.
  • On AHU’s with rotary or plate exchangers increase difference between flows. It is recommended to have extract air set 10-15% higher than supply, since doing that will prevent any of the internal leakage inside of the AHU. Pressure difference created by fans running at different speeds, will not allow extracted air to return back to the premises, for example through worn out sealing gaskets or heat exchanger imperfections.
  • Clean filter is a must for better air cleaning efficiency. Standard filtering material is not perfect for stopping all the COVID-19 viruses, but still, some of them together with other particles will be cached and disabled. Consider of changing filters more frequently, especially that of the extracted air. Do not vacuum clean the filters, instead of replacing, since this is not a solution even in less dangerous times.
  • Ensure all necessary periodical maintenance is done on time. Being it small apartment or huge office building, make sure that there is someone who cares about your air handling unit.
  • Do not risk your health and when replacing the filters or performing any of the maintenance tasks, use all necessary protection equipment as recommended by health authorities.