Improved VERSO PRO casing


KOMFOVENT engineers foster a culture of innovation in the company by continuously improving the quality of production and processes, and also meeting (and even surpassing) consumers’ needs and expectations. The equipment is tested at international research centers to meet the highest international standards. In February 2019, the VERSO PRO series unit casing was tested in the EUROVENT laboratory. Once again, we are glad to share the results of the test:

  • Mechanical Strength corresponds to the highest class D1.
  • Air Leakage meets the highest class L1.
  • Filter Bypass Leakage meets the highest class F9.
  • Thermal Transmittance / Thermal Bridging Factor T3 / TB2. Normal. Predominant in the market.
  • Acoustic insulation at high frequencies – one of the best on the market. At low frequencies – similar to most other manufacturers.