KOMFOVENT at the MCE 2020 (updated)


After constantly monitoring the coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak and scrupulously following all the directives issued by the relevant Italian Health Authorities, “Reed Exhibitions Italia” has decided to postpone the events including MCE 2020 in Milano. This year’s MCE 2020 is rescheduled to September 8 – 11, 2020.

MCE is a fusion of future home, style, comfort and convenience. The aim of the exhibition is to reflect the quality and comfort of modern life. The exhibition will present the latest HVAC solutions, components, equipment, insulation, design services and a full range of advanced solutions for any building, from the simplest to the most complex, for all the possible situations, always guaranteeing the best possible result.

At the upcoming exhibition, KOMFOVENT will present both market innovations and already existing high energy efficiency air handling units, best rated and beloved by consumers, and accessories for ventilation systems.

Compact DOMEKT series units for living spaces from 50 to 150 m2 will be exhibited:

  • Domekt R 200 V, an air handling unit that stands out for its compact size. It is probably the smallest in the entire ventilation market. Can be installed in a kitchen cabinet and connected to a kitchen air exhaust hood.
  • Domekt CF 200 V is a compact vertical connection unit in a lightweight EPP (extruded polypropylene) casing with CF (counter flow plate) heat exchanger. Available with both plate condensation and enthalpy heat exchanger.
  • Domekt R 250 F, flat and compact unit for ceiling mounting. Can be ordered with a sorption (hygroscopic) heat exchanger made of hygroscopic aluminium foil.
  • “Komfovent Control” mobile application. Since the beginning of 2020, all ventilation units with C6 and C6M automation are manufactured with the ability to connect to the unit via the Cloud Server. There is a possibility to control the unit via the “Komfovent Control” application by the phone. Currently, the application works only on mobile devices with Android operating systems.

Ventilation market professionals will be able to take a look and evaluate commercial, industrial units:

  • VERSO R 42 – the main focus of KOMFOVENT stand. It is a new generation of VERSO Pro2 modular design ventilation units with better casing characteristics, much wider modelling capabilities and extremely wide selection of sections.
  • Verso R 2000 U/H/V. The main advantage of this unit is 14 different duct connection options. The ducts can be connected in the optimum way in a specific environment, saving space for the installation of the unit.
  • RHP (rotor + heat pump) – a modern and technologically sophisticated solution with extremely high energy efficiency. Operation is based on the dual principle of recuperation, with an integrated enthalpy rotary exchanger and a heat pump.

Ventilation system components. KOMFOVENT range includes reliable fire and smoke dampers, VAV dampers, smoke ducts and other accessories. The exhibition will include:

  • Variable Air Volume (VAV) dampers for air flow control in duct systems. When mounted in a central ventilation system and connected to a single ventilation unit, VAV dampers saves energy and allows to create a personalized indoor climate. VAV dampers manufactured by KOMFOVENT are unique in their design. You can find out more during the exhibition.
  • VAV BOX consisting of 2 VAV dampers and two silencers. One VAV damper is used for supply air and the other for exhaust air flow. Provides individual airflow and ventilation control possibilities for a separate room or zone.
  • Fire dampers are certified for most walls and ceilings and meet the highest European standards. The dampers are easy to install and seal using standard materials.

We look forward to meeting you at the KOMFOVENT stand, intended for HVAC market professionals and for all who is looking for advanced ventilation solutions. Everyone is welcome!