KOMFOVENT C6 makes your home a smart home


The new control system C6 has been developed and ready to be integrated in Domekt units!
The main goal of C6 is to maintain healthy microclimate according to user needs. What is more, it was designed to ensure effective ventilation system performance using minimum energy.

For both: beginners and advanced users

User-friendly interface enables intuitive navigation and control of the unit. C6 was designed so smartly, that users should only switch on the panel and forget about any additional adjustments – smart automatic system controls the ventilation system’s proper operation. Different ventilation modes are optimised for user’s daily needs. Automatic air quality control selects the most appropriate mode and ensures the comfort conditions in the room.
Advanced users can control unit’s operation according to his needs, as many settings and control possibilities are provided as well.

Energy saving

Intelligent energy saving mode ensures minimum power consumption – only 1W in standby mode. Efficiency and energy consumption indication gives the possibility to monitor and set up unit operation in a proper way. Energy counters helps to determine operation costs of the air handling unit and additional heater.

Remote control

C6 control system has integrated web server, that enables unit control via computer or smartphone. „Komfovent Home“ application software for smartphones replicates control panel possibilities and allows to control your home ventilation from any place, wherever you are.

Two control panels

The user can select either C6.1 or C6.2 control panel.

• Colored touch-sensitive LED display
• Indication of parameters
• Setting of all parameters from the panel

• Modern panel with touch buttons
• Factory preset parameters
• Smart and easy control
• Setting of all parameters from the smartphone or computer