KOMFOVENT contributed to the reconstruction of “Ogmios City”


“Ogmios City” is like a city in the city, bringing together famous brands and well-known trading companies. A reconstruction of “Ogmios City” started back in the end of 2016. It was carried out in several stages. At the first stage of the reconstruction, the KOMFOVENT equipment was chosen by the client. After installation and tests everyone was satisfied with the quality. KOMFOVENT was chosen as a business partner for further stages. AHU with rotary heat exchangers and plate heat exchangers were mounted in the “Ogmios City”, as well as air supply units. In total “Ogmios City” has 56 ventilation units by KOMFOVENT: Domekt, Verso Standard, Verso Pro and Klasik. Total air productivity ~ 225,000 m³ / h.

A zoo named “ZOOPARK” is located in one of the „Ogmios City“ areas. It covers 2 500 sq.m. and has 60 different animal species. While preparing the project it was known that the air exhausted from the zoo has relatively high humidity. Taking this circumstance into account, a Klasik moisture resistant unit was installed. AHU has a plate heat exchanger, the bottom of which is made of stainless steel, the inner walls are covered with special moisture resistant paint. The exhaust air part contains a moisture resistant, non-deformable filter. Automation elements (sensors) are moisture resistant too.

As a part for “Omios city”, a shopping mall „Maxima“ was settled down in the area of about 3 thousand sq. m. The trading giant „Maxima“ had its own specific requirements. The efficiency of ventilation units must be at least 80%, XL or SL type of rotors in the rotary heat exchangers. The highest efficiency of the equipment is ensured by the most advanced PM and EC type motors.

After reconstruction, the 20 hectares area has become a coherent whole in the middle of Lithuanian capital – the largest shopping area not only in Vilnius but in a country too. Shopping is fun and simple here. The whole city is divided into complementary neighborhoods, while the wide range of products and brands satisfies the needs of different customers. In addition to the existing stores, new brands have opened their shops too. There are more than 150 brands in “Ogmios city”. The shops can be reached by car or by foot.  The most remote shop can be reached within a ten-minute walk.