“Komfovent Control” app for DOMEKT units


Introducing the “Komfovent Control” app for remote control of DOMEKT air handling units with the C6 control system. Smooth operation of the app and data security is ensured by cloud computing. The app is adapted for equipment manufactured since 2020.

After updating the software of previously manufactured DOMEKT units, they can also be controlled with the “Komfovent Control” app. It is recommended to upgrade the equipment by contacting KOMFOVENT service representatives.


Easy login

No additional, complicated network setup is required – simply connect your device to the Internet (see installation guide). Scan the QR code on the device when connecting for the first time. The unit associated with the app once will remain in memory and you will not need to do it next time. In addition, several air handling units can be added to the app.


Extensive functionality

The app fully replicates the functionality of the control panel, so the user has access to all monitoring and control options. Intuitive management, user-friendly interface.

You can download the app from Google Play or App Store.