KOMFOVENT energy saving technologies – the most efficient fans


How to live comfortably but at the same time economically?

KOMFOVENT engineers, producing and refining their ventilation equipment, constantly think not only about heat exchangers, but also about electricity saving at the same time. KOMFOVENT offers integrated energy saving solutions in its ventilation units:

Ultra and Super Premium fans

It should be noted that the fan is a device with very specific feature – it is constantly working. This is why fans use a lot of electricity, which, we all know, is getting more expensive. It is the fan’s efficiency that often determines the overall operating costs of the unit.

The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) distributes the energy efficiency of engines into classes. The higher the class, the less the energy loss (the energy that transforms into heat). Current European Union requirement for motors is no less than IE2 class. Therefore, while choosing a ventilating unit, it is very important to take into consideration energy efficiency class.

KOMFOVENT offers the most efficient PM (Permanent Magnet) motors that meet IE5 (Highest Energy Efficiency) class. This means an innovative approach and low energy consumption in KOMFOVENT products.

Powerful permanent magnets are used in the PM motor design. They increase motor performance, reduce motor dimensions and energy consumption.

The advantage of PM motors, in comparison with AC motors, is that the performance can be controlled within wide limits maintaining high efficiency at the same time. This is especially important in the ventilation, as the fan performance is rarely fixed. It varies depending on the need for ventilation.

Advantages of PM motor:

  • Highest energy efficiency – 93%
  • Ultra-Premium IE5 performance class according to IEC
  • Compact dimensions, low weight
  • Wide range of regulation while maintaining high performance
  • Low heat dissipation
  • Reliability and durability
  • The shortest payback time

New Generation of fan impellers

The fan impellers provide air circulation. KOMFOVENT employs a new generation of bionic, specially corrugated, highly efficient and very quiet impellers in its AHU. It has long been known that the application of the principles of bionics (the link between the principles of biology and technology) leads to innovative solutions and inventions. It is bionics that relies on many aeronautical and aviation achievements. A new type of impellers offered by KOMFOVENT is an innovation of this type.

The special corrugated surface of the impeller, rear-facing fan blades and the w-shaped trailing edge ensure optimum flow angle, reduce air separation from the surface of the impeller, diffuse sound and significantly reduces noise level.

Advantages of bionic fan blades:

  • The highest efficiency impeller with rear-facing blades
  • Static efficiency up to 80%
  • Statically and dynamically balanced in accordance with ISO1940 standard
  • Material – composite, aluminum or painted steel


AC (alternating current) converters adapted specifically for KOMFOVENT air handling units

The resources are not eternal, and their daily use responds to the “health” of the whole world. Pollution and climate change are good reasons for choosing alternatives and thinking about energy savings. The use of energy is unavoidable, but what should be done to make it as small as possible?

AC converter is a great way to save. Frequency converters are used in various industries, where the mechanisms are driven by motors. Frequency converters are also used in ventilation systems. When it is possible to control the speed of electric motors, alternating current converters allow to:

  • Optimize process management. The motor with AC converters makes it easy to control the flow in wide ranges – to smoothly start the motor, to increase the operating parameters to a stable maximum level, to reduce to a minimum or evenly stop.
  • Reduce the cost of electricity and increase its efficiency. If the motor is rotated at the minimum required speed, the maximum power savings are achieved. Electricity savings mean reducing costs, saving natural resources and reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Reduce mechanical loads in systems. Smooth starting, braking and speed control of electric motors reduce wear and reduce the cost of servicing and repairing the equipment.

KOMFOVENT uses only the most efficient AC converters in its ventilation equipment and specifically in fans. AC converters with intelligent algorithms, specially adapted for KOMFOVENT ventilation equipment make energy consumption even more efficient.

Advantages of KOMFOVENT converters:

  • High energy efficiency – 97%
  • Low heat dissipation
  • Specially designed algorithms for optimal PM motor control
  • The shortest payback time