KOMFOVENT equipment in the tallest Dübendorf building


We are pleased to have contributed to the construction of the „GiessenTurm“, the tallest building in Dübendorf (Switzerland). For this project, KOMFOVENT produced DOMEKT, VERSO and KLASIK units with a total air flow of more than 45,000 m³/h.

For the multi-storey building in Dübendorf, KOMFOVENT selected and manufactured:

  • 27 DOMEKT CF units with counterflow plate heat exchangers. DOMEKT units are installed in flats, common smoking room, basement and dryer room. Of these, 22 air handling units are with special enthalpy counterflow plate heat exchangers. This type of heat exchanger saves heat and cool and controls the humidity of the supply air by wetting it in winter and dehumidifying it in summer. DOMEKT CF units are equipped with low-noise fans for quiet operation. All DOMEKT units are manufactured with integrated KOMFOVENT C6 automation for the end user. It is simple to operate but full-featured automation system.
  • 7 VERSO Standard and VERSO Pro units of different sizes with counterflow plate heat exchangers. All VERSO AHUs are designed for offices, lobby, bistro and dressing room. In VERSO ventilation units, the high efficiency is achieved not only by using the counterflow plate heat exchangers but also the most advanced fans in the market. VERSO units integrate professional KOMFOVENT C5 automation with advanced control capabilities – up to 30 units can be controlled using only one remote control, when the units are connected into a common network. Intellectual automation has a wide variety of control modes, and the controller can be connected to the Internet without the need for add-ons and controlled via a web browser or smartphone.
  • KLASIK RA air handling unit with separated air flows in heat exchanger. This type of unit is used where 100% separation of supply and exhaust air flows is required. KLASIK RA is designed for the restaurant – to remove contaminated air from the kitchen without mixing it with the fresh supplied air. KLASIK units, like VERSO units, have integrated professional KOMFOVENT C5 control automation.

Construction of multi-storey house has been started in the beginning of 2019, and should be completed by the end of 2020.