KOMFOVENT has released new add-in for Autodesk Revit designers


BIM and Autodesk Revit

BIM (Building Information Modeling) uses “intelligent” 3D parametric elements of Autodesk Revit design software with all the necessary information. The data is merged into databases, which allows at any time to get the elements of the quantities and their parameters, calculate the possible collisions between different parts of the project, create sections and visualizations for the whole structure, or its individual elements. It enables designers from different parts (architects, constructors, engineers, ventilation specialists, etc.) to work in parallel without worrying about changes or adjustments.



Nowadays Autodesk Revit is becoming popular and widely used design and documentation program, which is a completely different solution from its predecessors in terms of quality. KOMFOVENT company, from the beginning of this year further accelerates and simplifies the work of designers. The company introduces a special KOMFOVENT add-in for air handling unit design and implementation. The KOMFOVENT plugin consists of two parts – Verso Pro and KOMFOVENT HUB. Download ››


How does the add-in work?

Verso Pro became a part of selection of the Autodesk Revit 3D Modular Unit. While opening the add-in, the geo-location has to be selected and climatic data is automatically determined by location. The plugin opens Verso selection program where you can select the device. After selecting the device, the program allows exporting to Revit and the fully-completed 3D model of the AHU is loaded into the Autodesk Revit environment. Example of this model:

The device described in all the required parameters and is selected with all needed connections. The red and green area near the unit depicts the minimum and recommended service area.


Komfovent HUB

The second part of the add-in is a KOMFOVENT HUB, which contains standard products such as Domekt or Verso standard. When you open the program, there is a 3D base of all available standard devices. After selecting the desired device and pressing “Add to Project” it is automatically loaded into the Autodesk Revit environment. KOMFOVENT HUB has one more useful feature when hardware inventory and previously selected devices shown as a “history”. Devices like Verso Pro have specific required settings, connections and service areas which are described.