KOMFOVENT ventilation equipment at international trade fairs


March 2019 is very intense for KOMFOVENT – we have participated in 4 trade fairs and exhibitions Latvia, Poland, Russia and Germany. From all the events, the trade fair in Germany – ISH Messe Frankfurt – was the biggest yearly international event in the whole European HVAC and water market.

At trade fairs, KOMFOVENT has presented new products and technological innovations.

  • The hottest and most exclusive novelty from KOMFOVENT is the VERSO PRO 2 unit, the production of which is planned in early 2020. This is a new approach to professional ventilation – the modular design of the unit provides a wide range of options and a large selection of sections (the device can have 1.6 million combinations). Specially designed automation box with double casing and professional C5 automation – hermetic, innovative and user-friendly. Best casing characteristics – low heat losses, minimal or no thermal bridges, special tightness, deformation resistance, (T2 / TB1 / L1 / D1).
  • High energy efficiency device RHP 600 U, and RHP 10 section. The operation of RHP (rotor + heat pump) units is based on the double recuperation principle – the unit is equipped with an enthalpy rotary regenerator and heat pump. Devices can operate in various modes: ventilation only; ventilation + heating; ventilation + cooling.
  • We have presented a few different DOMEKT units which are designed for living spaces between 50 and 120 m2. The newest unit for home is the DOMEKT CF 300 V in EPP casing (in extruded polypropylene casing, which guarantees low noise level and low weight of the whole unit). Casing has integrated hinges which are invisible from outside. The door opens extremely easily without extending beyond the outer casing dimensions. The exterior appearance of the device body has been improved aesthetically by insert plastic rounded corners. Body color was changed from RAL 9010 to RAL 9003 and became closer to the standard color of home appliances. This technology will be used in the future for the entire DOMEKT range.
  • Updated C6M Automation Controller for DOMEKT series units with more accurate temperature control and a new mobile app.
  • Fire safety solutions. KOMFOVENT products not only guarantee the comfort by supplying fresh air to the premises, but also help to ensure safety in case of fire – reliable fire and smoke dampers, special smoke dampers and accessories are produced by the company. The stand displays a wide selection of fire and VAV dampers.

International business fairs and exhibitions are traditionally intended for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) market professionals and everyone who is looking for advanced ventilation solutions.