KOMFOVENT equipment at the “Business Stadium West” business center


KOMFOVENT team is happy to contribute to the innovative project – “Business Stadium West” (Business Center) in Vilnius.

The solutions offered by KOMFOVENT corresponded exactly match the design requirements of the building. The overall efficiency of the equipment reaching 128 000 m3/h makes a huge impression, and other technical parameters are also amazing.

Designing an effective ventilation system is always a great challenge, because not only well-being of the people, but also the operating costs of the building depend on the quality of the project.

KOMFOVENT device selection program with a plugin allowing to create digital models of devices in the REVIT environment, helped to find the best solution. After the calculations were made, the optimal solution was found, providing an optimal high energy efficiency class and a comfortable indoor microclimate.

Unique air handling units with sorption rotary heat exchangers were designed for this object; efficiently regenerating moisture in winter, and performing drainage function in summer, significantly reducing the cost of indoor air cooling. In addition, economical adiabatic humidificators were designed for indoor air humidification during the cold season, and a particularly rational solution using heat pumps was selected for air heating. C5 automation designed and perfectly developed by KOMFOVENT engineers, ensures full control of complex thermodynamic processes, energy saving, and is easy to integrate into the Building Management System (BMS).

“Business Stadium West” is an eight-storey building with a total area of 16,500 m2, energy efficiency class A +, using “green” electricity.

Modernity, Functionality and High Quality Standards “Business Stadium West” business center in Vilnius, can be called the “mecca of innovation”, where the exceptional synthesis of dynamics and innovation is easy to notice.