New Domekt R 300 F – the lowest ventilation unit in the range


Flat ventilation units are the prevailing option when installation space is very compact. These units are normally mounted on a ceiling. We have designed a new residential ventilation unit Domekt R 300 F for this application. The unit can be mounted not only on the ceiling but also horizontally and vertically on the wall and on the ground. The aim was to design powerful, efficient, and very low unit.
Please welcome Domekt R 300 F – the lowest DOMEKT unit with the integrated C8 control system. The new unit will supplement the Domekt units range from the 1st of July.
Here are the main features of the Domekt R 300 F C8:

  • Powerful. The capacity of the unit is 310 m³/h.
  • Very low. The height of the ventilation unit is 280 mm, so it easily fits above a suspended ceiling or other spaces where the low height matters.
  • High efficiency is ensured by using low energy consumption components. The thermal efficiency of the rotary heat exchanger reaches 83 %. The SPI of the unit is 0,3 W/m³/h, which is really low for a flat-type unit.
  • Silent operation. The ventilation unit emits sounds that are not any louder than a whisper – the noise level is only 33 dB(A) at a 3 m distance.
  • Humidity balance. The unit has an option of a sorption rotor, which balances the humidity in the premises during the winter and summer.
  • New locks and handles ease the opening and reduce thermal bridges.
  • Plastic duct connections ensure better tightness and reduce thermal bridges.
  • Additional duct connection is intended for the short-term removal of polluted air from the stove or sanitary rooms.
  • Simple control. A new C8 control system is integrated into the unit. All main functions for air comfort are ensured: pre-programmed ventilation modes and weekly schedules, automatic air-quality control, air temperature maintenance, and operation counters. All operation settings are easily accessible via integrated web server using control panel, “Komfovent Control” smartphone application or computer.