Pressure Auto Balance function


By following REHVA recommendations regarding virus spread prevention, KOMFOVENT introduces the Pressure Auto Balance function. Function minimizes extract air transfer ratio to 0% and becomes handy when no cross-contamination is allowed. In buildings with highly strict hygienic requirements, such as hospitals or other medical facilities, air handling units with Pressure Auto Balance function can be a significant air quality improvement.

How does it work?

When KOMFOVENT AHU is ordered with Pressure Auto Balance function, an additional extract air damper is mounted and a pressure sensor (ΔP) is installed.

Function maintains constant pressure difference between supply and extract airflows inside of AHU, by regulating damper position. It is done in a way that extract pressure (P2) to be lower compared to supply pressure (P1) by preset value (for example -25Pa). Thus higher pressure is pushing additional supply air through a heat exchanger or purge sector (if installed), ensuring that no contaminated extracted air can return back to the premises.


AHU Range and ordering

Pressure auto-balance function can be ordered for VERSO Pro and VERSO Pro2 range. This can be done directly from the VERSO selection software.