Quality approach to professional ventilation – VERSO Pro 2



1.6 million combinations

VERSO Pro 2 is a series of air handling units designed to ventilate commercial premises. VERSO Pro 2 exclusive feature is significantly wider modeling and application possibilities, which is provided by a modular design of the units and a large selection of sections. So, it is possible to create up to 1.6 million combinations and
meet almost any design requirements. Expected air flow of VERSO Pro 2 units is from 1000 to 40 000 m3/h.


Project stages

VERSO Pro 2 product series will be developed in several stages:

  • Stage I will – autumn of this year. The VERSO Pro 2 selection module will appear in the KOMFOVENT VERSO selection program, and production of 10 to 70 sizes of air handling units with rotary and counterflow plate heat exchangers will be started.
  • Stage II – beginning of 2020. The VERSO Pro 2 range will be complemented by the RHP solution, inspection sections and built-in air dampers.
  • Stage III – end of 2020. VERSO Pro 2 range will be complimented with separate RA (Run Around) heat recovery solution. Separate airflow heat exchangers have absolute air flow separation and can be used in medical facilities, in the medical, chemical industry, where there are specific hygiene requirements – zero (0%) air flow mixing. Also, the range will be complemented by 80-100 size units.



The latest technology and best casing characteristics T2 / TB1 / L1 / D1

VERSO Pro 2 is unique due to the best casing characteristics – T2 / TB1 / L1 / D1 (according to Eurovent).

VERSO Pro 2 wall thickness is 75 mm, casing filled with durable mineral wool, which does not change the insulating properties. The walls are one and a half times thicker than the walls of the older generation units. This results in better noise isolation, reliable thermal insulation. Metal sheets of the shied have no direct inside-outside contact, thus minimizing the impact of thermal bridges, achieving T2 (Thermal Transmittance) and TB1 (Thermal Bridging) characteristics according Eurovent.

The casing is not only thickened but also very tight, with highest deformation resistance. A new sealing system with double gaskets is used, which allows to achieve the highest leakage class L1 (Leakage) and D1 (Mechanical Strength) according to the Eurovent classification.


Special fittings – comfortable, cold-resistant hinges and handles

Not only the design of the casing has changed, VERSO Pro 2 will be produced with comfortable, ergonomic and safer handles of new design. The unit is easy to open. The handles can be detachable and fitted with a lock. They press very well, are tight and free from thermal bridges. Pressing force can be adjusted. A pressure lowering function has been implemented to protect operating personnel from potential injuries.



New automation panel

Especially for VERSO Pro 2, a double housing automation box with professional C5 automation was designed. The box is innovative and more comfortable than ever before. Made of PVC plastic and highly hermetic – leakage class IP 54. The box has a possibility to connect up to 28 cables. The upper part of the box is easily removed showing the control unit with easy access to the block terminals and convenient cable installation.


Еnergy efficient heat exchangers

VERSO Pro 2 air handling units will be equipped with only the most energy efficient heat exchangers – rotary or counterflow plate heat exchangers.

The rotary heat exchangers used in VERSO Pro 2 are manufactured by KOMFOVENT for more than 15 years. Rotary heat exchangers do not freeze and function well even in the coldest conditions (up to -30 ° C), they effectively warm and humidify fresh air supplied to the premises. More about KOMFOVENT rotary heat exchangers, performance features and advantages can be found here.

Another type of heat exchanger is counterflow plate (CF) heat exchanger. Counterflow plate heat exchangers efficiently heat the supplied air, but do not humidify it. Also, they have an icing problem, when exposed to low outside air temperature. Recently, enthalpy plate heat exchangers with characteristics close to the rotary heat exchangers, are gaining popularity. They not only save heat and coolness, but also control the humidity of the supply air – humidify it in winter and dry in the summer. They also have the advantage of being able to operate during winter time without icing, unlike ordinary plate heat exchangers.

VERSO Pro 2 with counterflow plate heat exchangers (CF) will meet the ERP2018 (Ecodesign Directives) efficiency requirements in a wider range than ever before.

Ventilation units with counterflow plate heat exchangers have special smart icing prevention function. multi-stage frost prevention system (“3 + 1”) is designed to improve the performance of counterflow plate heat exchangers, when outdoor air temperatures drop below zero Celsius. Testing in the laboratory has shown that this system allows additional savings of up to 20% of thermal energy in winter as compared to the traditional by-pass system.