Rectangular “multi” smoke dampers went through the successful testing


KOMFOVENT has successfully tested “multi” smoke dampers for mounting in the walls or shafts that separate several different compartments in one building.

The tests were carried out at the GryfitLAB accredited laboratory in Poland. Rectangular smoke dampers were tested, designed for installation in a smoke system that separates two different compartments by a wall (the difference is that “single” damper is intended for smoke extraction from one compartment and “multi” is for smoke extraction from two or more compartments.)

The tested dampers are mounted in a vertical wall to which the smoke duct is connected. The expanded range of KOMFOVENT smoke extraction dampers will allow you to install a smoke exhaust system of any complexity.

The dampers of the largest size were used for the tests, as the strictest requirements are imposed on the biggest dampers, and the tests are the most complex.

The success of the tests was ensured not only by the improved damper structures, but also by the certified materials of the highest quality, (intermediate, calcium silicate panels) used for their production.

Rectangular smoke dampers are the original products that provide EI 90 class fire resistance.

These smoke dampers are installed in smoke extraction structures in case of fire. They are not the part of ventilation system and not intended for kitchen exhaust ventilation.



Fire resistance class EI 90. Dampers can be used for multi compartment smoke extraction system.

The maximum dimension of smoke damper is width x height 1200×1000 mm.

Pressure difference is for under pressure – 1500 Pa according to 1366-10 and 1363-1 standard.

The smoke dampers are produced from non-combustible materials conforming to A1 class. The smoke damper can be mounted in a wall and connected to smoke extraction duct according to EN 1366-10.

Currently, KOMFOVENT is awaiting for official test protocols and a CE certificate. After receiving of those, it is planned to offer expanded range of dampers to the market by the end of the first half of the year 2019.