Smart multi-level frost prevention


On cold winter days, when the temperature drops far below 0oC, the question of ventilation system efficiency becomes very relevant. Frost protection system can significantly increase heat recovery efficiency when outdoor air temperatures are very low.

Is heat recovered efficiently?
Are there effective ways to protect the ventilation system from frost and icing?
If so, what are the ways?

KOMFOVENT continuously improves the technical characteristics of its air handling units by optimizing energy consumption.

VERSO selection program has a new option – plate heat exchanger with smart multi-level frost prevention.

Multi-stage frost prevention (“3 + 1”) is designed to improve the efficiency of the plate counter flow heat exchanger when the outside temperature drops below zero.

Unlike the conventional by-pass solution, which reduces the heat transfer efficiency down to zero when it operates, the “3 + 1” system prevents icing on the heat exchanger plates while maintaining a high energy efficiency.

Laboratory tests had shown that this system allows additional savings of up to 20% of thermal energy in winter compared to a conventional by-pass system.

In the KOMFOVENT selection system the multi-stage frost prevention system can be selected for all VERSO PRO CF (Counter Flow plate heat exchangers).

At the moment this is the most effective cold protection system in the market. This system ensures heat recovery during the cold season. Frost protection level depends on the temperature.

Main advantages:

  • Segmented damper control;
  • Heat exchanger does not freeze;
  • During the operation of the damper system, the efficiency is almost constant;
  • Additionally, second stage protection is integrated, which controls pressure drop in the heat exchanger;
  • Supply air temperature fluctuations are reduced;
  • A lower wattage heater is required.