Solar power plant at KOMFOVENT


We are delighted to inform about new solar power plant on the roof of the factory that provides green electricity to a part of the production facility. Also, we are glad to contribute to the global reduction of CO2 emissions.

There are 1072 solar modules with the total power of 300 kW on the roof of the factory building. Advanced solar modules can generate electricity not only on a sunny, but also on a cloudy day. The first month of operation of the solar power plant surprised with excellent results – about 60% of the company’s consumed electricity was produced.

Solar power plant equipment quality is guaranteed by leading global manufacturers in the field of smart energy technology – “Bisol” and “SolarEdge”.

We are pleased to contribute to the “green energy” promoted in Lithuania. Such solutions not only help to save the environment, but also save the money. However, this is not just a practical solution – at the same time, we are raising employee satisfaction with the ability to contribute to environmental protection, sustainable and responsible consumption. We want to create and work in an eco-friendly environment.