The new VERSO CF 5000 V – compact yet powerful


The air handling unit is one of the largest devices in a building engineering system. When designing a new building, it is important to plan a dedicated room for ventilation equipment. However, the ventilation system is needed not only for the new buildings. There are plenty of buildings to be renovated when there is no separate ventilation room prepared. Quite often there is also a problem that air handling unit of the required capacity cannot be taken inside of the renovated building because of narrow door openings. Such problems fall on to the contractor’s shoulders, but fortunately, ventilation equipment manufacturers come for help. UAB Komfovent introduces VERSO CF 5000 V – another AHU from VERSO Standard series, which allows avoiding such inconvenience.

Key features of VERSO CF 5000 V:

  • Compact. The device is only 2.32 m long and 1.45 m wide. Fits into a small room. Vertical duct connections save space around and efficiently utilize space above the unit.
  • Mobile. It can be disassembled into separate sections, which can be moved through the narrow openings.
  • Powerful. The nominal air flow according to ErP 2018 – 4825 m³/h.
  • Adaptable to the northern climate. Can be ordered with frost prevention function, which increases the efficiency of the air handling unit in cold conditions.
  • Wide range of options. Choice of various heaters: electric, water, refrigerant. Integrated intelligent control system C5.

The new VERSO CF 5000 V is only 2.32 m long and 1.45 m wide and can be easily disassembled into 3 sections for easier transportation. Heat exchanger section is designed in a way so it can be disassembled into even smaller parts when it is necessary to fit it through a standard 90 cm wide door.  Such a design allows AHU to be easily moved into the renovated room without breaking down the wall barriers. Compact size and the vertical connections for ducts save space, thus AHU can be installed in a room as small as 7 m². Of course, VERSO CF 5000 V is characterized not only by its compact size but also by high performance, reaching 4825 m³/h according to ErP 2018. This AHU can be ordered with three standard types of heaters, as well as with an additional frost prevention function.