Update on DOMEKT R 300 V


KOMFOVENT engineers and designers are constantly improving their air handling units to meet the changing needs of market participants. Newly updated DOMEKT R 300 V was tested in our KOMFOLAB laboratory.

The test results had shown an even better level of internal leakage. Excellent results were achieved due to close collaboration with cast casing (EPP) manufacturers, fine adjustment of the mold size and casting technology.

Not only the internal casing, but also the operation of the unit has been improved – algorithm for electric heater control and fault detection has been upgraded. From now on, the heater is more efficiently controlled – more parameters are monitored and additional user fault messages are introduced.

The DOMEKT R 300 V is designed for residential areas ranging from 50 to 120 m2, i.e. apartments and private houses. The air handling unit has a unique design – it is very compact and has an unusually low weight. The lightweight EPP (extruded polypropylene) casing is equipped with a non-freezing rotary heat exchanger with an additional electric heater. This ensures continuous operation of the unit in cool and cold climate zones. The air handling unit operates efficiently up to -30°C. If necessary, a kitchen hood can be connected to the air handling unit, or you can ventilate bathroom as well. AHU is perfect for A + and A ++ energy class buildings.