VERSO R 5000 V – a compact novelty in VERSO range


The designers of ventilation systems are facing the problem – real estate developers pay little attention to the installation of ventilation systems in order to reach the maximum useful area. It to compare all the engineering systems, those are ventilation systems that requires the most space. KOMFOVENT engineers have developed a solution how to minimize the space requirements, while meeting all comfort requirements. This is new Verso R 5000 V unit which has broadened the VERSO Standard ventilation units’ range.
The vertically connected unit is economical and one of the most compact in the market. Connecting and installing ducts above the unit saves space more significantly than connecting the ducts horizontally.



Verso R 5000 V nominal air volume is 5000 m3/h, which meets the efficiency requirements of ErP 2018 (Ecodesign Directives). The unit has full microclimate support system – a heat recovery, air heating and cooling. Optional drainage is available upon the request. Verso R 5000 V is equipped with a high energy-efficient non-freezer rotary heat exchanger and electric or water heater that provide efficient and uninterrupted operation even in cold climate. The unit is equipped with an EC fan with aerodynamically efficient impellers.


Model in REVIT program

Like other VERSO air handling units, KOMFOVENT virtual library has the digital 3D model for REVIT program.


C5 control system

Ventilation unit has professional C5 automation with a large selection of operating modes, extended control capabilities (including remotely). Modbus and BACnet communication protocols used in C5 automation ensure that the unit can be easily integrated into the Building Management System (BMS). A large number of ventilation units can be combined into a single building monitoring and management system.